Hotmail provides free email services and it is a web service and user can access it through web browser. If you are Hotmail user and have any issue so you may contact with email support system.

It is a free email service provider and user can access it through web browser and it provides users option including audio player, spam filtering.

If you are Hotmail users and you have any issue related to Hotmail and you are not found any solution so you may be contact with Hotmail customer support service.

Issues related to HOTMAIL:
1: POP and IMAP protocols issue:-  This type of issues could only be solved by expert only so if you are facing this type of problem so you may be contact with Hotmail customer support.
2: Problem in installation:- This type of issue occur when arranging and introducing  the product so the support team expert gives the suitable measure and resolve your issues.
3: Getting and sending email issues:- If you are facing this issue so you may contact with technicians of Hotmail support service.
4: Overlooked Password:- Some time user may neglect their password which cause this type of problem. So for this type of issue you may contact with technician of Hotmail support.

1: Great search:-  It has strong search function you may find any mail in single search.
 2: Categories for emails:- In this user may create new categories according to their wish or need there are many categories and section of each mail according to their type.
 3: Filtration of emails:-  In this you can arrange any mail in a folder by filter them by making certain guidelines.
  4: Pin mail:-  If you have anything important in your mail and you don’t want to share it with anyone then this option is good for you.
5: Efficient apps:-This includes efficient application like Uber, Boomerang, and Evernote.
6: Mail save to one node:- In this mails straight forwardly saved in only one node.

So if you are Hotmail holder and you are facing all these issues mention in above article then you may be contact with Hotmail support system they will assist you and solve your problems and all the system support service number are available on Google or Hotmail official support system website helpline number are available so you may contact with them.
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